How to use chat widgets for websites

How to use chat widgets for websites

Widgets are an excellent tool for increasing conversions on your website or landing page. Let's take a look at precisely what tasks the widgets installed on the site solve.

Widgets are an excellent tool. They grow the person's time on the site and help them take targeted actions, such as subscribing to newsletters or leaving a preliminary request.

Free chat button on website can:

  • draw a person's attention to the section, product, or promotion you need

The visitor may not read your text, but they will notice a pop-up widget with an attractive offer on the site.

  • accept a preliminary application

A person can leave a request at any time of the day and get the information he needs in a convenient format using a free widget on the site. Correctly asked questions save time not only for the site visitor but also for the sales department.

  • provide increased loyalty

The ability to instantly ask a question to a specialist is a significant advantage of the company. A person may not be in the mood to search for the desired section with products, articles. But he can easily ask a question using the widget and get an answer.

  • make the site interactive

While a person takes a survey, fills out a questionnaire, receives bonuses, the time spent on the site increases. This has a positive effect on your site's search results.

If you add chat button widgets with the most popular messengers on the website it will provide a more productive collaboration with site visitors and make it much more convenient. With the help of unique platforms and services, you can automate communication with potential customers, increase their loyalty and increase repeat sales.

Non-obvious advantages of messenger widgets:

  • Get an actual WhatsApp or social network number. It will be possible to contact a person and not mark half of the received base of numbers with the label "wrong number."
  • Open dialogue with the client. Even if a person leaves the site, you can continue communicating with him and not lose a potential client.
  • Increase the subscriber base. In messengers, you can notify the client about company news, promotions, discounts, special offers. Such communication will reduce the company's expenses several times because mailings are cheaper than retargeting, even for the most extensive database.
  • 90% open rate of messages if you use popular communication channels for work.

Types of chat widgets for website

Built-in widget

Often this is an application form for calculating a service or product or an offer to subscribe to company news. Such a widget works more efficiently than regular quizzes because a person gets into your database, even if he did not answer all the questions. You can remind him of a blank profile or form, and you can still send newsletters with company news.

Pop-up widget

They are used to draw attention to a promotion or special offer. The promo code is issued through messenger, which means that the person is back in your database. You can continue to warm it up for purchase, offer other promotions. And even if he doesn't buy right away, your contacts are now on his phone.

Free online chat widget for website

They are used to support customers on the site. A visitor can ask a question in the chat and get an instant answer if you connect the widget to the chatbot. In addition, BotHelp's online whatshelp chat button can collect all the conversations in one place. And you don't need to collect them across all channels.

Widget with contacts on the site

This will give you an easy and quick way to contact your company via messenger and ask questions. A prominent button on the site encourages you to write to you. A person can quickly contact you, he will receive a response, and you will receive an application.

In Bothelp, you can create a chat button and other messenger widgets for free and install them on your website or landing page.

You will find many convenient tools on the platform that allow you to work with a subscriber base, increase sales, and automatically generate orders.

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