Acquire new followers and generate more leads with Instagram DM automation

The leading no-code Instagram DM automation tool. Grow your followers, create DM chatbots and boost engagement within just a few clicks.

Grow your Business with Instagram DM Automation

Grow your Followers

Use DM automation to expand your organic brand reach on Instagram and get more followers from paid Ads. Create instant gratification for fans leading to brand loyalty.

Boost Engagement

Increase your mentions, comments, and reactions by running messaging-powered campaigns, like giveaways, promotions, and contests. Make it  easy for customers to start conversations with you and to receive relevant, personalized responses.

Generate Qualified Leads

Engage your Instagram audience using chatbots and automate sales or lead qualification processes. Easily set up flows to automatically capture email addresses or other contact information through Instagram ads and direct messages. You can then segment, qualify and export the collected leads right inside Bothelp.

Might be useful for:

Marketers and Agencies

With Instagram DM automation, you can cut your cost per lead by up to 7x. Double your outcome and provide more value for your clients on Instagram.

Influencers and Experts

New Instagram automation tools allow you to grow your followers, and increase engagement and visibility of your content. More likes, more connects, more mentions.

Businesses and E-commerce

A 24/7 automatic Instagram chatbot helps you generate 2x more leads and sales. You can use it to attract leads and then secure deals and partnerships via Instagram DM with human assistance.

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 How Instagram DM Automation Works

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Instagram DM Chatbots

Build a no-code chatbot to automate your Instagram direct messages and marketing for more sales and better customer support. Save time by setting up automatic replies to common questions and send offers straight to your customers.

Story Mentions Reaction

Instantly reply to everyone who mentions your account in a Story. Send just a thank you message or start a conversation about potential partnerships.

Comments Automation

Reply to post comments and like a user's comment, and send users a message - all automatically and instantaneously!

Quick Reply Menu

Set up automatic replies to your most asked questions, regardless of where they come from: comments, stories, or DMs.

Instagram Direct Ads

Increase your ad performance and get more sales by launching click-to-direct ads. When a user clicks this type of ad, they’ll be sent to your direct-message inbox where they can start a one-on-one conversation with your brand.

Following Check

Track whether your users are following your account and if not, offer a lead magnet in exchange for a subscription.

Multi Agent Inbox

Chat with your customers in a team inbox shared between multiple agents on your team. Set up an unlimited number of team members on live chat so they can communicate one-on-one with IG users.

Connect Messengers

Allow your customers to talk to you on their preferred messaging app. Connect WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook messenger (or all three) and never miss out!

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BotHelp Features

BotHelp helps businesses increase sales and build close relationships with customers via Facebook Messenger by providing powerful automation tools. Chatting, broadcasting and bots are all in one place!

Track the growth of your subscriber list. Analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by UTM tags.

Build chatbots or automated drill campaigns in a beautiful visual builder. No coding required.

Make yourself available to your customers, at their convenience. Let your customers ask questions directly through Messenger in real time, personally and privately.

Manage your contact list on different messengers and edit your profile data. Use filters, export and import subscribers.

Choose a plan that is right for you

You can start for free and pay as you go, with honest pricing that scales as you grow. BotHelp accounts are billed based on the number of active subscribers. Tools, messages, and agents are unlimited.


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Starts from $10/mo and scales with number of subscribers

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Unlimited agents
Unlimited Flows, Chatbots and Growth Tools
All core features included.
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Artem Klyuchevsky

Artem Klyuchevsky


We are engaged in messenger marketing, building systems from 150,000 rubles and more... For such a check, they expect stability, results, and quality of work from us. So that nothing breaks at any stage, is not disabled and always works at 100%. This is why we choose only proven and stable services. Yes, that's why we use BotHelp.

Natalia Kolchenko

Natalia Kolchenko

The personal marketer

Guys, I love Your service, you can do such cool quests on it, even the most difficult to believe. Many thanks to the support service, when cretinism overtakes, we are always ready to help. And the most valuable and important thing for me is that thanks to your service, the cost of a subscriber is minimal for complex products and an easy mailing system, the opening rate of my emails does not fall below 75%.

Tatyana Lozhkina

Tatyana Lozhkina


I recommend it to anyone who is already working or just going to plunge into the social network. Those who have or are going to make a sales funnel in their business-be sure to use all the features of the platform, they cover 80% of all tasks for automating your sales funnel.

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