​Free WhatsApp widget for website

​Free WhatsApp widget for website

Install an online chat for the site and receive more applications. With the free live chat widget on the site, you help site visitors to get the information they need and improve the quality of service and conversion.

To get the most out of your chat widget, add a WhatsApp button to your website. WhatsApp is the most popular and convenient messenger. With it, you can send not only text but also any files, video, audio. At the client's request, it is easy to send a presentation or a selection in pdf.

The statistics on the use of instant messengers showed that a person checks messутпу on average seven times a day, which means that your response to a client's request will be absolutely read. If necessary and with the prior consent of the client, you can even call him. The number for calls will be available to you simply because you have installed an online chat widget with WhatsApp on your website.

How to customize the WhatsApp widget

Install the chat widget in three easy steps in the widget editor.

  1. Enter WhatsApp number
  2. Customize the chat widget on the site - enter your company name, add a description or opening hours, and a welcome message. Don't forget to add a bell next to the button. And specify the location of the chat widget on the site.
  3. Get the widget code to your email.
  4. Install the WhatsApp chat code on the site, add it to all pages.

You can install the widget on any site where it is possible to add your code to the blocks.

Benefits of using WABA and chatbots

Connect the official WABA company to the online chat widget. It is a powerful and effective tool for the work of the company. The company name and green checkmark in the header of the WhatsApp client dialog will make you stand out from all the dialogues.

A completed business profile of the company will highlight the company's status in the eyes of your customers and ensure a reliable interaction. You will receive customer loyalty and trust from the first message.

When connected to WABA, you will have the following options:

  • collection of the base in one place

You will no longer lose contact with customers if an employee quits. Control the work of agents, track their correspondence, make recommendations.

  • work from different devices

Company employees can log in to the platform to which WABA is connected from different devices and communicate with site visitors simultaneously. Thus, you can easily catch up with website traffic without worrying that you will not handle the volume of applications.

  • response templates

You can create standard answers to common questions of the same type. It will speed up response times and increase audience loyalty.

Official WABA can connect to newsletter platforms and send newsletters with promotions, special offers, and other news. You will be able to add buttons to messages, which increases the feedback from subscribers by 2-3 times since it is more convenient for people to click on the proposed answer than to write the reply on their own.

By connecting WABA to the platform, you can launch chatbots, for example, at night. So that people can receive answers to their questions, leave a preliminary request or receive useful materials.

With the help of chatbots, you can segment your audience, accept requests (lead generation), conduct testing, or receive information for a preliminary calculation of a product or service.

One of the best solutions for you is the BotHelp platform. An intuitive interface, detailed instructions will help you quickly connect WABA and set up chatbots for practical work with site visitors.

After registering, you will receive a 14-day free period to test the platform's capabilities without restrictions.

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