Consent to Personal Data Processing

1.1. I (hereinafter referred to as the User) provide the Administration with my specific, informed and explicit consent to the processing of my personal data while using the service BOTHELP ( following agreements on its use and in pursuance of the requirements of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006, and taking in consideration the provisions the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) No. 2016/679 “On the protection of natural persons concerning the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC” (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). I provide the Administration with my consent of my own free will and volition and for my own benefit. The following personal data, incl. biometric personal data, can be processed based on the consent:

  • surname, name, patronymic/middle name; year, month, date, place of birth; citizenship; sex;
  • details of the identity document (type, series, number, issuing authority, date of issue), including outside the Russian Federation, including their copies;
  • address: the place of residence, place of registration, place of work;
  • taxpayer identification number;
  • employment status, employment history (including employment details, income, and expenses records);
  • information about the phone numbers of which I am a subscriber and/or user; information about the communication services provided by operators (including information about the location of subscriber equipment when receiving communication services, information about traffic, services provided and their payment), information about the results of their processing, including the organization of a communication channel of the Administration with me using phone numbers of which I am a subscriber and / or user; data about me as a subscriber of a cellular operator, including the following information: about changing the phone number, international SIM card identifier, replacing the SIM card, re-issuing to a third party or transferring to another operator, keeping the number; on termination of the contract for the provision of communication services, suspension and resumption of the provision of communication services; about activation of call and message forwarding services; on changing the settlement system between the operator and the subscriber; on the receipt by the cellular operator of the subscriber’s refusal to transfer information to the Administration on any of the listed events;
  • information about my email addresses, username on the Internet, information about the account (personal profile) created on the Service website; metadata, cookie data, cookie identifiers, IP addresses, browser, and operating system information;
  • information about my bank accounts and cards, as well as transactions through them;
  • the amount owed to the Administration and other creditors;
  • other information previously provided to the Administration (including information containing a legally protected secret);
  • photographic and video image;
  • audio recording of voice;
  • Telegram ID; WhatsApp ID; Vkontakte ID, Facebook ID; Instagram ID;
  • information provided by me to the Administration, including through communication channels, information received from the Internet and/or from other publicly available sources of personal data, and/or from third parties, including government agencies, state information systems, a unified identification, and authentication system (ESIA), the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFR), including through the interagency electronic interaction system (SMEV).

1.2. Upon the terms and conditions contained in this consent the Administration is granted the right to perform any actions to the User’s personal data including, but not limited to: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, change), use, transfer, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, transfer (including cross-border transfer) of the personal data to the Administration’s partners, in particular, to the website hosting provider and the operator of the electronic platform for the distribution of the mobile application. The Administration is also granted the right to perform other necessary actions to the personal data in consideration of the current law.

1.3. This consent is provided by me for the duration of the license agreement/contract, user, or other agreement on the use of the Service or any other agreement with the Administration.

1.4. This consent is provided by me to provide me with technical or other support while using the Service or purchasing goods/services from the Administration, as well as for the following purposes:

  • consideration by the Administration of concluding any contracts and agreements with me, making a decision on the offer of products and services, agreeing on the terms of such contracts and agreements with the Administration, concluding contracts and agreements with the Administration, using the services of the Administration;
  • checking the reliability of the data I have provided, obtaining my personal data from other authorized sources;
  • improving the quality of service by the Administration, organizing the improvement of the software of the Administration, including the Service;
  • creation of information data systems, analysis, modeling, forecasting, construction of mathematical models, construction of scoring models, their use and transfer of information processing results to third parties, analysis of aggregated and anonymous data, statistical and research purposes;
  • recovery of past due amounts to the Administration under any contract or agreement;
  • the provision by third-party organizations of services to the Administration for storing documents, creating, storing, transferring electronic copies of these documents, including recognition of scanned images of these documents;
  • promotion of the products and services of the Administration, including the transmission of information and advertising messages about the services of the Administration through direct contacts using communication means, by telephone, via the mobile radiotelephone network and in any other way, chat, sending SMS messages, sending messages through exchange services instant messages, mailings by e-mail, sending push notifications, conducting incentive events, including lotteries, contests, games and other promotions organized by the Administration;
  • registration in incentive programs (bonus programs) or other programs conducted by the Administration or organizations cooperating with the Administration, as well as the implementation of these programs;
  • other purposes that will be indicated in the contracts and agreements concluded between me and the Administration.

1.5. Processing of the User’s personal data is allowed using the following main methods (but not limited to): storage, recording, and storage on electronic media, listing, and labelling.

1.6. It’s allowed to process the User’s personal data by the Administration with and without automation facilities following applicable law.

1.7. It’s allowed to process the User’s personal data using DPM systems (Data Protection Manager) including those belonging to third parties and provided to the Administration based on an appropriate agreement or contract on condition that measures to protect the confidentiality of personal data are taken.

1.8. This Consent to the User’s personal data processing applies to any transfer of the User’s personal data to the Administration made before the present consent.

1.9. This Consent is signed by a simple electronic signature of the User. The use of such a signature is established by the license agreement/contract, user agreement, or other agreement regarding the use of the Service.

1.10. I’m notified that the Consent to personal data processing can be revoked by the User. In order to do this, a corresponding request signed by a simple electronic signature of the User shall be sent to the following address:

1.11. I’m notified that revocation of the consent to personal data processing (of such personal data as last name, first name, patronymic/middle name, and e-mail address) leads to me being automatically deprived of the right to use the Service.

1.12. I’m notified that if I revoke the consent to the personal data processing, the Administration has the right to continue processing personal data without my consent if there are grounds established by law.

1.13. I’m notified that if I revoke the consent to personal data processing, the Administration is obliged to stop processing such data or to ensure that such processing is stopped (if the personal data is processed by another person acting on behalf of the Administration) and if the storage of personal data is no longer required for purposes of personal data processing, to destroy personal data or ensure such destruction within a period not exceeding 10 (ten) working days from the date when a request is received.