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The leading no-code Telegram chatbot builder for sales and marketing

Automate communication with customers, grow your contact base and send broadcasts in just a few clicks

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The leading no-code Telegram chatbot builder for sales and marketing

Leverage the power of Telegram for your business

Get access to almost 1bln users in the fastest growing messenger in the world

Telegram is getting bigger in your country, it’s high time you started making money with it

Keep the conversation going when other messengers crash

Add a new channel to your sales funnel and stop losing customers to competition

The most convenient messenger for business

Open rates - 80%, the easiest channel for broadcasts and automation with a way more friendly privacy settings

Generation Z chooses Telegram

Stay in touch with a modern and mobile audience of Zoomers who make up the majority of your future clients

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Grow your business

Generate more qualified leads, drive sales by spending less money. With a bot, you can cut your cost per lead by up to 7x. Link your ads and website directly to a conversation and simplify the buying process for your customer. Create a better shopping experience and get up to 600% higher ROI than traditional marketing.

Customer support 24/7

With a chatbot, your brand can reply instantly and provide necessary support on an entirely new level. A bot can resolve up to 80% of customer inquiries, make an upsell and send auto-replies even in the night so you save time and resources and win more business.

Tailored broadcasts

Build relationships with your customers through interactive and tailored content. With 80% open rates Telegram beats email and other channels. Send shipping updates, delivery reminders, booking confirmations and promotions. With Telegram unlike other messengers it is so easy!

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Get more out of the tools you already use

Allow your customers to talk to you in their preferred messenger and never miss out! Bothelp is a multi-channel chatbot platform where you can connect all major messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook and more), and chat with your customers in a team inbox shared between multiple agents.

Build your first bot in minutes, without code

A simple setup and user-friendly interface in English with a drag-and-drop flow logic makes it easy to navigate across the platform without any technical background. With 14 days of free trial you can start your journey in messenger marketing now.

#1 expert in Telegram automation

We have everything you need to acquire and retain customers, create smart bots, manage contacts and get detailed analytics on conversions and traffic. All in one place! With over 5 years of experience and more than 4K use cases worldwide we will help you integrate Telegram into your sales funnel.

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Success Stories

Online cooking classes

The sales funnel was transferred from emails to Telegram which significantly improved the performance of the whole project.


days of sales window reduction


more revenue for one launch

Cosmetics store

A success story of business going online during pandemic. Telegram bots help to collect leads, warm them up with broadcasts and push to purchases.


times cheaper cost per lead (CPL)


revenue growth

Travel agency

The chatbot in Telegram helps customers with the choice of travel in a playing game format.




more leads converted via bot than through other channels

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Tatyana Nekrasova

Internet marketer

I’ve been working with BotHelp for years. Messenger marketing is everything! It helps to build customer’s loyalty, generate interest in the product, increase recognition of the brand and, as a result, speed up the process of buying for your customer.

A Step-by-step Guide: How to Create a Chatbot

How to connect Telegram to the BotHelp platform

Easy and free: how to place a Telegram widget button to your website

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