Free Chat Button Widget for Website

Free Chat Button Widget for Website

Install a free live chat widget on your website or landing page, and it will allow you to constantly be in touch with your customers and increase your sales. Read the article on how to get more leads with free chat button on the site.

Connecting the chat widget to the site saves your time and advertising budget.

Live chat button widget can help you with:

  • Site visitors can write to you directly in messengers and get answers to their questions. It is not always convenient for people to search for sections or products on their own. By adding an online chat widget for your site, you can make the site easier to use for your customers and increase the conversion to receive a lead.

  • You got real contacts of the customers and save the possibility of correspondence with them in the future. You can answer the client, even if he closed the site long ago and is already going about his business. And there will be no more numbers in your database that cannot be dialed.

How to add chat button on website

You can add a widget to your site without coding in just a couple of minutes.

  1. Go to the widget editor on the BotHelp website widget.
  2. Select all messengers that your audience uses for free.
  3. You can add a widget to a site with buttons: whatsapp chat on the site, instagram, facebook messenger, telegram chat to the site, instagram chat, viber get button, skype chat button, tiktok chat button, start vkontakte chat, discord chat widget, Snapchat web button, website line button, Twitter chat button, WeChat button, Odnoklassniki button, email button, Call us button, message widget, and other website links.
  4. Customize the appearance of the button. Choose the chat's color, size, position on the site, and add a message with a call to action for the "Chat with us" button on the site.
  5. Get a free embed html code to your email to install the widget.
  6. Add it to every page on your site before the </body> tag.

The chat widget for the site will work immediately after installation.

Features of the online chat widget on the site

With online chat, you can not only reply to messages from your customers.

  • Build a subscriber base from warm-up to purchase using messages.

To do this, you need to connect the selected messengers to the BotHelp platform. Everyone who writes to you in the chat will get into the subscriber base, and you will be able to send messages with company news, promotions and discounts.

  • Automate some questions.

Turn on the "welcome automation" in the BotHelp platform and the client will immediately receive a message from the chatbot with basic information about the company. Or you can tell them your work schedule and promise to contact them in the morning.

  • Keep all your correspondence in one place - the BotHelp platform.

You can grant access to conversations for your employees and answer dialogues in just one tab without switching from messenger to messenger.

  • Increase the number of repeat purchases.

You can keep customers at the desired level, offer special promotions. Thanks to mailings, chatbots and other elements of the auto funnel, you can keep customer loyalty at the desired level, offer special promotions.

Install the button for the free chatbot on the site and immediately connect the selected messengers to BotHelp. Don't lose a single subscriber anymore!

After registration, you will receive a free period of 14 days, and you will be able to evaluate all the possibilities of the platform!

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